Research Activities

Being mainly an undergraduate College, the College does not have any recognized research centre. But the College always plays a positive role in promoting research interest among the faculties. The involvement of many teachers of our College in collaborative research with prestigious National and International Institutes is reflected in the publication of considerable number research papers and the number of ongoing / completed Major and Minor Research Projects sponsored by UGC and other funding agencies.

There is a Research Committee comprising of the Teacher-in-charge (Chairperson), five Teaching Faculty members and one External Expert Member. The committee considers research proposals for submission for different Research Projects and monitors the progress made in ongoing research projects. The committee holds meetings in order to discuss various plans to promote research and motivate the faculty for an academic advancement.

The Institution regularly organizes conferences, seminars and workshops in order to rope in researchers of eminence to visit campus and interact with teachers and students. Various eminent researchers from different institutions of repute have visited the institution.

The College encourages the teachers and the students by conducting Departmental/State level seminars/workshops from time to time and thereby advocating the sharing of the research findings through the effective interaction between the experts and all concerned.

The College and its Research Committee appreciates that interaction between various departments. Their collaborative research activities can inculcate a healthy research ambience in the institution. Recently Dr. S. Das of Department of Botany and Prof. R. K. Das of Department of Physics conducted inter-disciplinary research and published an international research paper. Dr. Jonaki Sengupta of Department of Economics and Asit Kumar Shit of Department of Commerce have also conducted inter-disciplinary research and published a research paper.

From August 2014, two students, Mr. Sayak Banerjee and Mr. Shubham Roy, have started a Research Project entitled A Process to Harness and Study the nature of Lightning Energy in the laboratory of Department of Physics under the supervision of Dr. Keka Basu Choudhury, Ex-Associate Professor, Department of Physics with infrastructural as well as financial support from the College. They have already completed the first phase of the Project; and started working for the next phase.

To facilitate smooth progress and implementation of Research Schemes/Projects the Institution has taken the following measures:

  • The principal investigator has full autonomy to plan and execute the project.
  • Fast and easy clearance of research proposals and report submission.
  • Access to available infrastructure, instruments and library facilities in campus.
  • Access to INFLIBNET and reprographic facilities.
  • Time-off, reduced teaching load, special leave etc. to teachers.

Moreover, in developing scientific temper, research culture and aptitude among students, the Institution

  1. Organises seminars and conferences whereby students have ample opportunities to interact with eminent researchers.
  2. Provides Hands-on experience in practical experimental exercises.
  3. Gives access to books, journals, magazines of research importance in the library and modern equipments in laboratories.
  4. Organises popular exhibitions on different themes.
  5. Takes them to visit to specialized institutes and laboratory and to listen to demonstration of advanced techniques as well as recent scientific developments.
  6. Students are involved in some innovative research projects by Department of Physics.
  7. Students are involved in research and publish their work in International Journals.
  8. At the present moment there are two major research projects, one minor research project and one students’ research project are actively running in College. Out of 32 Permanent Teachers, 18 teachers have already been awarded with Ph. D. and many of them are still active in research. 03 teachers are registered in Ph. D. Programmes.

Details Of Prioritised Research Areas And The Expertise Available With The Institution.


Research areas


Modern Bengali literature, Culture, Lexicography, Tourism


English literature


Macroeconomics, General Equilibrium, Development economics

Political Science

Indian Foreign Policy


Cytogenetics and plant breeding, Microbiology, Bioremediation, Medicinal plants, Biodiversity and Taxonomy, Phytochemistry


Astronomy and Astrophysics, Mathematical modeling of biological systems


Experimental and simulation study of formation of desiccation crack patterns.
Ion conducting gel synthesis for Electrolyte Material preparation and their Dielectric Property Investigation.


Inorganic and organic chemistry, particle chemistry, Organic synthesis


Immunology, Lichens, Virology


Accounting, Finance


Library classification