Year of Establishment: 12th August 2002
Names of Programmes/Courses offered : Honours and General Courses in Accounting and Finance.
Faculty Members :





Sri Asit Kumar Shit M.Com, M.Phil Assistant Professor Accounting and Finance
Sri Samir Bera M.Com, M.Phil Assistant Professor (HOD) Accounting and Finance
Sm. Sumitra Gangopadhyay M.Com Government Approved Part-Time Lecturer Accounting and Finance
Sm. Rajasi Dutta M.Com, M.Phil Government Approved Part-time Lecturer Accounting and Finance
There are two Guest Lecturers in the department      
Research & Publication


SWOC Analysis
Strengths Weaknesses

• Remedial classes, tutorials are taken on regular basis

• Dedicated faculty

• Good interaction with students

• Well-equipped laboratory for Information Technology

•Lack of dynamic students.

Opportunities Threats

•The subject has good prospect in job market. Besides schools, colleges, the students may work as Tax Consultant, Accounts and Audit officer, M. B. A. in Finance and Marketing, Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant or Company Secretary

• To improve the result of the students.
Future Plan
• Extend another section.