Year of Establishment: 1st October 1947
Names of Programmes/Courses offered :

• B.A. (Honours) & B.A. (General) in English.

• P.G evening course in English affiliated to Vidyasagar University [Since December 2015]

Faculty Members :





Smt. Anuradha Ghosh M.A., M.Phil Associate Professor American Literature
Smt. Mithu Dutta Das M.A., M.Phil Associate Professor (HOD) Modern European Literature
Sm. Tanusri Nayak Mandal M.A., M.Phil Assistant Professor Nineteenth Century Literature
Dr. Sibendu Chakraborty M.A.,B.Ed., Ph.D Assistant Professor Australian Literature
Research & Publication

Prof. Tanusri Nayak (Mandal):

Articles in ISSN Journals (as Sole author)

1.Narmada Parikrama: Religious heritage, Tourism: Theory & Practice, In press, 2014. ISSN 0973-6611.

2.Tirthabhramane Atmanusandhan: Chaucer- Arnolder Kabikritir Prosonge, Tourism: Theory & Practice, In press, 2014. ISSN 0973-6611.

3.Travelling: From the perspective of Diary and Journal, Tourism: Theory & Practice, 11(2), July, 2013. ISSN 0973-6611.

4.Saint Joan—Prothom Protestant Sahid, Bhorai, 2012, pp-59-67, ISSN 0974-2565.

5.Bastu Naribad O Duiti Bharatio Andolon, Bhorai, 2011, pp-15-23, ISSN 0974-2565.

6.Uttar-Ouponibeshik Pratikria: Shakespearer Duti Natak, Bhorai, 2010, pp-76-80,ISSN 0974-2565.

SWOC Analysis
Strengths Weaknesses

The Department is strong enough to have permanent and sincere teachers; sufficient number of books and journals in the library; regular classes and tutorials and a steady inflow of students every year.

Its weakness lies in the quality of the students and the wide gap between the standard of texts prescribed in Secondary and Higher Secondary Education and that of the Graduation level. Most of the students come from vernacular-medium schools; and despite scoring high marks in the subject in the last qualifying examination, they initially find it quite difficult to cope up with the syllabi of the Honours Course, especially in the First Year.

Opportunities Threats

To motivate UG and PG students for research work.

The main challenge faced not only by the Department but also by the College as a whole is the lack of motivation among the students in general. Few students are focused in their lives; and they always do better in examinations. But, a large number of students are not at all aware of their future course of actions—they are just like leaves flown away by the stream. Only after completing their education, when they get exposed to hard reality, they come to terms with it. This is not an excuse; but hard fact.
Future Plan

To flourish the newly started PG course.