Year of Establishment: 1st October 1947
Names of Programmes/Courses offered : B.Sc. (Honours) [on and from the Year 1997] & B.Sc. (General) in Mathematics
Faculty Members :





Dr. Supriti Saha Ph.D. Associate Professor Topology & Functional Analysis
Dr. Suman Dutta Ph.D. Reader (HOD) Advanced Computer Science & Cybernetics
Dr. Debolina Chakraborty Ph.D. Reader Plasma Dynamics
Research & Publication
Dr. Suman Dutta:

Articles Published in ISSN Journals:

1. S. Majumdar, S. Dutta and S. Roy, ” Mathematical Modelling of Quorum Sensing and Bioluminescence in Bacteria” International Journal of Advances in Applied Sciences (IJAAS), Vol. 1, No. 3, September 2012, pp. 139-146. ISSN: 2252-8814.

2. S. Bhattacharya, S. Dutta and S. Roy, “Schrodinger-Langevin Equation and Ion Transport at Nano Scale,” Journal of Modern Physics, Vol. 2 No. 4, 2011, pp. 231-235. ISSN 2153-1196.

SWOC Analysis
Strengths Weaknesses
• The department has modern teaching learning facilities for interactive teaching.

• Adequate computers and Lab facilities available.

• Faculty strength is a constraint- the department could greatly benefit if the teaching strength could be increased.
Opportunities Threats
• Organisation of different academic programmes at regular interval. • To overcome the weaknesses and to materialize the opportunities.
Future Plan
• If possible to start PG programme.

• Planning for better input for the students.