Student Aid Cells

It will be no distortion of facts if we admit that our beloved motherland is passing through a highly crucial situation. On one hand we have terrorism creating disturbance in the sovereignty, democracy and communal peace and harmony in our country; on the other we notice a radical erosion of human values amongst the people in general, and in our young community in particular. The reasons behind are manifold—lack of any such person who can be the role-model to our youth; the grinding problem of un-employment and absence of a proper ambience where we can think and act freely. As its consequence we notice increasing disturbances in educational institutions, humiliations to academicians and molestations of women. In these hard times, it is very difficult to uphold the spirit and values which can help one to be a perfect man in future—who will not only think of himself but for his family as well as for his country. And this onus of responsibility falls on those who are playing the roles of administrators.

In this prevailing situation of degeneration, Charuchandra College feels happy and proud to claim that during the last fifteen years, there has been not a single incident of disturbances like student movements disrupting the normal activities of the college, ragging of students and sexual harassment of women. The credit definitely goes to a healthy cooperation among all the stakeholders of the institution—the students, the guardians, the staff and the administration. Constant interactions among the students’ union, the general students, the staff and the administration throughout the year have developed such an ambience in and around the college. There are problems indeed, but they are looked into and taken care of at the early stage so that they cannot disrupt the whole atmosphere.

However, following the guidelines of University Grants Commission, our College has also set up some Cells like Anti-Ragging Cell; Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell; Grievance Redressal Cell and Women Cell in 2015 under the over-all supervision of Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the College.

  • Anti-Ragging Cell and Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell
  • Grievance Redressal Cell
  • Women Cell

We pledge to look after and take care of our students so that they can feel proud of their alma-mater in future. We have done it before; we are doing it now; and we will do it in coming years. This is our commitment to our students.