Anti-Ragging Cell and Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell

Anti-Ragging Cell and Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell have been constituted with representatives from the senior teachers, the NSS Unit of the College, the employees and the student’s union. Any student are free to lodge a complaint in this regard to the Convener of the respective Cell in writing following which the Cell in its emergency meeting deliberates upon the issue in presence of the complainant along with his/her guardian and the student(s) involved in the incident. After the discussion the Cell forwards its recommendations to the Chairperson of IQAC, who finally forwards it with his/her notes to the College Governing Body for taking ultimate decision. The whole process may sound to be a lengthy and time-consuming one, but the Cells are instructed to act and take action within a week from the date of occurrence of the incident. As no such complaint has been received so far, we have no hand-on experience of taking action an implementing it.